By serving a diverse range of industries such as 3D gaming, web development, AR/VR development, drone and autonomous vehicles, cloud computing, e-commerce, healthcare, robotics, renewable energy, agriculture, and more, we specialize in providing customized solutions that directly address your industry-specific challenges. Leveraging expertise and an innovative approach, we are committed to driving tangible value and contributing to your success. Whether you're browsing our selection, looking for information, or making a purchase, we're here to help.

About Us

Our passion for innovation and commitment to social impact drives us to constantly seek new and creative solutions to complex problems. We believe that technology can be a powerful tool for creating a more sustainable, accessible, and equitable future for all people.

Our Services

Versatility 🛠️

experience in a wide range of technologies, including web design, mobile apps, web3, autonomous vehicles, wireless ISP products, WASM, Rust, Unity3d, Godot, and private cloud

Innovation 💡

always seeking new and creative solutions to complex problems, such as using food and carbon removal to address climate change or creating self-replicating robots for mining.

Impact 🌎

committed to using technology to create a more sustainable, accessible, and equitable future for all people

Expertise 🔍

certifications in XR development with Unity and Circuit Stream Certified XR Developer, as well as hands-on experience with Bitcoin and Ethereum protocols and building projects for real-world applications

Collaborative 🤝

worked with major institutions as well as startups and have experience managing software deployment projects, defining technical priorities, and managing development schedules.

Solutions 🔑

Let's work together to build innovative solutions that make a positive impact on society. Contact us today to discuss your project needs and how we can help.





Web development

XR (AR/VR/MR) development

Autonomous vehicles

Cloud computing and SaaS



Robotics and AI

Media and publishing

Aerospace engineering

Renewable energy development

Sustainable agriculture


Renewable Energy

Development and implementation

Sustainable Agriculture

and Food Production

NFT Creation

and Management

AR/VR Development

and Implementation

Cloud Computing

and SaaS Solutions

Autonomous Vehicles

and Transportation Systems


and dropshipping


and telemedicine solutions


and artificial intelligence (AI)


and online learning solutions

Social media

and community management

Internet of Things (IoT)

and wireless solutions


Virtual Machine Instance - Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

$0.10 per hour

This virtual machine instance comes with Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS pre-installed and is perfect for running applications and services in the cloud. The instance is built on a powerful cloud platform and is designed to provide reliable and scalable performance.


Drone Services

$300 for a one-hour flight

Our drone services provide high-quality aerial photography and videography for a wide range of applications, including real estate, construction, events, and more. Our experienced pilots and state-of-the-art equipment ensure that you get stunning, high-resolution images and videos from unique angles and perspectives.


GitLab Repository Hosting Service


Our GitLab hosting service provides a fully managed, secure, and scalable solution for hosting your Git repositories in the cloud. With built-in CI/CD pipelines, collaboration tools, and advanced security features, you can streamline your development workflow and focus on building great software.



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Getting Started with Node.js

Learn how to build server-side applications with Node.js.

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ROS 2 for Robotics

Learn how to use ROS 2 to develop and deploy robotics applications.

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LangChain Bot Tutorial Poster
Bots with LangChain

Learn how to use LangChain to build GPT powered bots.

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